If you’ve dissed Chardonnay in the past – you’re missing out on one of our best varietals

I found this blog online written by an American blogger, Marissa A Ross and it really says it all …After running a savage smear campaign against California Chardonnay for most of my early twenties, I want to publicly say I am sorry. I am ashamed that I was a registered member of the ABC party (Anything But Chardonnay), and am embarrassed by my history of vicious varietal discrimination. Like most red-blooded 23-year-olds, I was rabidly opinionated and woefully uninformed. I knew nothing about wine except I loved Cabernet, and that all California Chardonnays tasted like butter, they were all “oaky”, and I hated them all. They were for country-clubbers who loved listening to Kenny G and having a glass with lunch. And no one could tell me I was wrong.

I was totally wrong.


Date: Thursday 24 May
Time: 19:00 for 19:30 start
Venue: Houghton Place, 51 7th Street, Houghton Estate
Cost: R385 pp

Includes a three-course dinner and the following wines for tasting.

MCC Brut 2009
2 styles of unwooded Chardonnay
Limestone Hill 2017 and Bon Vallon 2017
2 styles of wooded Chardonnay. The Site 2015 and Bateleur 2016.

Thibault 2010

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