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The Wine School was founded in 2009 around the central philosophy of creating a highly approachable wine knowledge and appreciation hub that welcomes people from all walks of life. 

Our mission is to build an audience of wine lovers while supporting and promoting the South African wine industry where entrepreneurs and job creation can flourish. 

Our service offering is comprised of monthly tastings, corporate wine presentations, wine appreciation courses and waiter certification where graduates bring value to diners, the establishment they service and wine producers. 



As a serial entrepreneur, The Wine School is one of multiple businesses founded by Janice Scheckter.

An avid and seasoned student of Viticulture, Janice's efforts are geared toward the advancement and empowerment of women within the global wine arena while promoting the rich, local wine industry in South Africa. 

For Janice, it is a passion that is so easy to live. 


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